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Try Cable One Arm Triceps Extension - Sounds Odd But it Works

This isolation exercise helps build strength in you triceps as you pull on the pulley with the use of just one arm. This exercise can be done by beginners and it is a great way to target a weak arm.

Photo: lululemon athletica

Be sure to perform your stretches and warm-ups before you do this exercise. Place enough weights on the machine that does not cause too much strain on your muscles but still heavy enough to challenge your arms. You may need to adjust the weights differently if one arm is weaker than the other. Stand directly in front of the high-cable pulley machine and use a single handle attachment. Balance yourself by placing one foot forward and the other foot back. Hold the handle and position your arm upper arm close to your side with your lower arm flexed to chest level. Your elbow must be in an acute angle and also kept close at your side. This will be your starting position.

Breathe out as you pull on the handle until your arm is fully extended at your side. Keep your arm close to your body and maintain your upper arm in a stationary position. Do not lean forward when you pull the handle and do not bend your knees either. Your body must be kept straight at all times to isolate the action on your triceps. Hold the contraction for a second once your arm is fully extended. Breathe in as you slowly return to starting position while resisting the force of the weights.

Repeat with the number of recommended reps in one arm before going back to the other, alternating sets as you go.

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