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5 Tips for Making Your Small Restaurant More Environmentally Friendly

If you are running a restaurant, and you are not taking care to think about the environment, you could be making a real mess. From paper bags to give your customers, biodegradable table ware, and a range of go-green strategies, should be a normal part of your operations. Here is a look at some of the ways you can make a change for the better.

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  • Get rid of plastic. Plastic was cool and fashionable some time ago. It definitely is not now. Using paper bags and other paper based containers for your takeaway food is an absolute must. It is not only good for the environment, people just prefer it. Getting your takeaway in old-school styled shopping bags just feels right.
  • Evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling means you will use less power and because of the style of the cooling, you will actually need to keep your windows open. Evaporative cooling uses water instead of harmful gasses to cool your restaurant, and this air must be expelled. There is nothing worse than going into a sealed environment for a lunch on a hot day. Fresher air, and a more reasonable temperature, is good for all of us. Set your room temperature for a reasonable setting, normally around 23-25 degrees.
  • Composting. Food that is dumped along with normal waste, is great compost going to waste. Look for composting solutions that will work for you. There may be locals in your area that would love to get their hands on your rotten food. Some companies will even pay for it. Composting is the ONLY solution for food waste.
  • Oil recycling. It is essential you get the most out of any oil that you are using. There are also companies that will collect oil for future processing. Again if you are a small operator look for local solutions. There might be locals who have a use for your unwanted oil.
  • Water management. The use of water in some restaurants in ridiculously high. Cleaning is essential, but changing the habits of those who use water, is your best way to go. Fix any leaking taps and have a 'no running' water policy. If you are washing a large amount of dishes, a dishwasher will save you time and money. Good modern dishwashers use much less water than done by hand.
Just because you are a small business with a tight budget does not mean you can cut corners when it comes to our environment. Most changes you make will not cost you a lot, but they will require a change of habits and some effort. Looking for local solutions will probably be the key. If your customers are a part of your green-drive, you are not only improving your green-effort, you are letting others know. Community activity and goodwill will probably have a positive impact on your business.


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