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How to Stay Healthy when Travelling

Keeping healthy whilst on a business trip or a vacation can be very challenging. For some people it is hard enough to stay motivated to do enough exercise and eat healthily when at home. But with motivation and preparation it is as easy to stay fit when travelling as it is elsewhere. This short guide will help you to achieve a healthier style of living when travelling.

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  1. Get it done early
When you wake up in your serviced apartment in Sydney it is far too tempting to head down to the breakfast bar for an all you can eat buffet. It is important to exercise first because you will not wish to afterwards. If you really need to then pick up some fruit to eat as you go for a morning walk or jog. At first it will be hard to motivate yourself in this new environment, but forcing yourself out into Sydney early in the morning has its benefits. The streets, parks and roads are all empty early in the morning and you will soon find yourself longing for the peace and tranquillity of a summer’s morning walk in the city.

  1. Exercising can be fast
    Remember that exercise does not have to be very time consuming. A fast sprint for a mile in a few minutes will burn as many calories as a mile long walk, and vice versa. If you are short on time you can achieve the same results by working out more intensively for a shorter period of time. Languishing in the gym between workouts just wastes time that you could be spending exploring your destination in Australia.
  2. Follow a Routine
    In addition to following a daily routine, starting early at the same time each day, it is good to follow a workout routine when you are travelling. This routine will keep you motivated as you get to know it and it will allow you to monitor your progress and improvement each day. Take a workout DVD to play through your laptop or download one onto your iPod so that you can follow the instructions for a healthy workout.
  3. Try the free gym
    If you ever find yourself short of somewhere to run outside, which is very unlikely in Australia, then try out the free hotel gym. If there is no free gym nearby then ask for a trial session at a local gym and enjoy short-term gym use free of charge.
  4. Try something new
    When staying in a Gold Coast apartment it is good to try a new and unfamiliar type of exercise to keep yourself interested in the exercise instead of dreading monotonous repetition. Try running on the beach. If you have not done so before then you will be surprised at the extra effort needed to propel yourself forward. Other than the enjoyment gained from exercising on Golden beaches, a new workout may provide you with the motivation to keep exercising each day.
  5. iPhone Apps
    In this technological era it is now possible to download applications which will help to monitor your exercise each day. Most fitness applications are very cheap and will enable you easy access to a workout plan whilst travelling.
  6. Maintain your diet
    Possibly the most important aspect for keeping fit when abroad is maintaining your diet. It is very easy to be lured into easting unhealthy foods when abroad, but the combination of plane food and an unhealthy diet will quickly take its toll on the unwary business traveller.


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