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Why Eating Beluga Caviar is the Best

The Beluga caviar is the best because this is the most sought after by food connoisseurs. These are roes of the prehistoric fish Beluga sturgeon, which is mostly found in the Caspian Sea and from other varieties of sturgeons in the Black Sea Basin and sometimes in the Adriatic. The classic caviar is supplied by Russia and Iran and its price is considered as a luxury commodity, along with Renault paintings, sports cars, and diamonds.

The price tag of the Beluga caviar ranges from $250 to $5000 per kilo and this could be attributed to the sturgeons, which are one of the oldest survivors of the dinosaur era. They are so rare that only about 100 units are caught in a year. To harvest the roes, the sturgeons are caught using nets and are kept alive, so that the eggs will be taken away while the fish is still alive. Otherwise, a chemical that results from death will be put into the eggs and will make them taste bitter.

Beluga caviars are not eaten using metal spoons but spoons made of bone or mother-of-pearl to preserve the taste. They are also served with complimentary foods such as potatoes or blini, partnered with crème fraiche or sour cream. They are served on glass or ceramic jars, and are served on ice to keep its temperature lower than the room temperature. Eating is the best since it provides a delicious thrill that comes with its luxury and exclusivity, and the exquisite taste that caviar brings to the senses.


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