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5 Easy Yet Tasty Recipes For People With Diabetes

Diabetes is a very serious condition that affects a person’s life greatly. Health insurance for diabetic people does not come cheap, and the toll illness takes on the human body is not a small thing. One of the biggest aspects the disease influence is the basic enjoyment of certain foods. While this is certainly not as serious a consequence as other effects of diabetes, it does impact one’s quality of life in such a manner that the simple happiness of treating one’s self to a tasty treat can be considered a health hazard.

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Of course, it is important to stay within the restricted diet recommended by doctors in order to improve one’s health condition, but that does not necessarily mean that you can restrict your self from food that simply just tastes good. That is where recipes for diabetic people come in. There are a lot of alternatives available for those who have diabetes but still do not want to miss out on the pleasure of eating a great tasting meal. Here are five examples of easy, healthy and tasty recipes for people with diabetes:

Veggie Sausage-Cheddar Fritata

Containing only 10 carbs, this is a healthy version of a normally unwise choice for a meal for diabetes. This dish only takes about 16 to 20 minutes to do (including prep time), and the key ingredients are the vegetarian sausage, egg substitute and reduced fat Cheddar cheese. You can also include other veggies tat you wish, like bell pepper and mushrooms. To make this dish, sauté the pepper and mushrooms (and other vegetables you might want to add) in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Then add the sausage, as well as some salt and pepper. Cook for one minute with reduced heat. While this is going on, combine the egg substitute with half and half, and pour this over the sausage and veggies and cook for about six minutes. Sprinkle the cheese on top and then broil until the cheese melts.

Cookies and Cream Crunch

One of the things that diabetes deprives you of is the enjoyment of dessert. Ice cream, cakes and most of the sweets you’ve come to love somehow seems to be no longer an option. With this recipe however, you will be able to enjoy a supposedly sinful dessert without really ruining your diabetic-friendly meal plans. Simply take some sugar-free chocolate sandwich cookies, pecans (or any sort of nuts that you want, keeping in mind the health effects of each) and melted reduced calorie margarine and combine them in the bottom of a square pan. On top of this, spread no sugar, fat free vanilla ice cream. Press the cookie mixture into the ice cream. Cover this and freeze for at least 8 hours. After that, just simply enjoy.

Chili Fried Potatoes

Most diabetic-friendly recipes can’t exactly capture the glory that is known as cheese fries. However, that was then. Now, even diabetics can enjoy the treat without having to make a claim from their health insurance for diabetic people thanks to Chili Friend Potatoes. Making this dish is the same as making your regular cheese fires, but instead of using normal cooking oil, use olive oil for a healthier alternative. Adding chili powder and reduced fat cheese and perhaps even some onions would complete this amazingly healthy concoction.

Diabetic Deep Dish Taco Pizza

The words “deep dish Taco pizza” doesn’t really inspire thoughts of health and fitness. Mostly, it just conjures up imagery of sitting on your couch and watching your favorite shows. However, a healthy version of this should be a mainstay in your diabetic-friendly meal plans. Much like the chili fried potatoes and all of the other diabetic-friendly recipes, the key to making this dish doesn’t lie in the process of cooking but with substituting key ingredients. Instead of using ground beef, ground lean turkey is a great healthy alternative. Low-fat cheese and salt free Mexican seasoning and a host of other vegetables all contribute to this amazing dish.

Applesauce Pancakes

Diabetics can still enjoy a great breakfast despite their condition. This dish works in its utter simplicity: make pancakes the way you normally make them, and just use applesauce instead of butter for sweetness. This cuts out a tremendous amount of fat that we normally get from eating pancakes the way we usually do. For an even more health beneficial alternative, serve these pancakes with slices of fruit, or you can even mix fruit in with the batter. If you still want to eat your pancakes with maple syrup, though, be sure that it’s sugar-free.

Recipes for diabetic people have indeed made it possible for even diabetics to enjoy the food that they are accustomed to eating without jeopardizing their health even further. Just because you or someone you know has diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

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