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All about starting your own restaurant business

If you are thinking of starting your own restaurant business then there are several things you need to take into account before you begin.

by nedoho

Running your own restaurant business can be a fruitful and very satisfying endeavour, especially if you are passionate about cooking, eating and dining, but it is important that you approach it in the right way to make it work.

Firstly, you will need to think about the location of your restaurant, or restaurants if you are planning on a chain of more than one. If you are hiring an existing location, consider how busy the area is. If the premises were used as a restaurant before then this will of course give you a much clearer idea of how your business will work here.

If you are planning on starting from scratch with brand new premises, then you will need to look into getting planning permission and, again, think about the area: what is the footfall likely to be? Is the demographic one that is likely to spend money on eating out? These are all factors to consider carefully before you begin your restaurant business.

And of course, there is the type of food your restaurant is going to offer! Will you focus on one type of cuisine, such as Italian, Thai, British or Spanish, or will you offer a variety of options? Will your restaurant be priced at the high-end, fine dining end of the market, or will it be a greasy spoon cafe of fast food outlet?

If you are going to be preparing the food yourself, you will need to look into completing a hygiene course, as well as a suitable food course. If you are hiring staff to do the cooking and food preparation then ensure that they have completed the relevant food hygiene and safety courses too.


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