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Feel Good Food

We all know that there are certain foods and drinks that have that feel good factor to them. In mid-winter you are drawn towards making rich stews and soups, lots of meals with mashed potatoes and gravy, puddings covered in custard. And in the summer we move towards lighter bites and things that are refreshing. Cucumber, salads, ice cream and sorbets, all take the weight out of a hot humid day.


Drinks can do the same thing. If you’ve been out for a walk on a cold winter’s day, you don’t feel like a glass of lemonade when you come in. You want hot chocolate, canned tomato soup, anything piping hot and comfort inducing! And in the summer, an ice cold beer or a glass of wine is just what you need for that early evening drink.

The latest Fosters ad series captures that mood exactly. Brad and Dan, two Aussie guys, are sitting in their yellow beach shack staying cool while the hot sun beats down on a beautiful golden beach. They reach out for a chilled tube of Fosters while the mull over the dilemmas posed to them by hapless British boys on the other end of the Fosters helpline.

And the Fosters advert also makes you feel good as it’s all highly comedic. None of the dilemmas posed by the callers are too serious – they’re those awkward social situations that they’re looking for guidance on, the kind of things you can’t really ask anyone face to face. And the responses from Brad and Dan are great – down to earth, no-nonsense views on life.

Like the case of Tom from High Wycombe who’s got someone standing too close to him in the pub. He’s tried eating pickled eggs, but it hasn’t made this bloke back off. What should he do to get him out of his space? The boys tell him straight: "It’ll take a lot more than that to knock him off his stride. Seriously – if you wanna beat one of these leaners, you’ve gotta be a shouter; shout at him like he’s in the next state."

Fosters latest ads multiply the feel good factor around the golden nectar from Australia – I can’t wait to see what they get Brad and Dan advising on next.


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