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Why You Should Incorporate Grass Fed Beef into Your Diet

In times when we eat and buy foods because they are convenient and accessible, or fall within our budget, incorporating a “luxury” item like grass feed beef may seem like an unnecessary expense to many people. However, scientific studies have revealed that there may be more to grass fed beef than meets the eye. If you are considering implementing grass fed beef into your family’s diet, then read the article below as it will shed light on both sides of the grass fed beef story.

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Going organic – a global trend
There are a number of reasons why people have decided to invest so much time and money in organic food. The first reason is that it is better for the environment, as foods are grown in areas where they are naturally occurring. No more imported, alien plants that require excessive water and space. It is a more natural way of eating. However, the second element of organic farming, which is significant for the purposes of this article, is that animals that are raised organically produce meat of a higher quality. They have space to roam, which means that their muscles are more developed, and because of their natural diet, the meat that they produce is healthier to eat, and fuller in flavour. Basically what the organic trend allows is for nature to function in the way that it should, free of human interference. Expect better tasting food, grown in a sustainable way, that will steal your heart and change your beliefs!

The downside of incorporating grass fed beef into your diet
Although organic living sounds idyllic, there are certain options that need to be discussed in order for you to understand both sides of the debate. One major side effect of farming cattle for meat is that they produce methane, a greenhouse gas that has been linked to the increased temperatures we associate with global warming. Studies show that grass fed beef produce more of this gas, in all likelihood because they are functioning more healthily, which has caused certain naysayers to suggest that grass fed beef is harmful to the environment. However, these opinions have not been verified and thus require further investigation. Cost has also been a factor for some people.

The plus side of incorporating grass fed beef into your diet
There are clear benefits of primal living when it comes to your dietary intake. Our bodies have not evolved at the same speed as our food has, which means that we are not physically capable of digesting new chemicals. By eating grass fed beef, eliminating processed foods and sugars, we are existing in a more natural, healthier state. Grass fed beef in particular has been shown to have higher levels of vitamin E, prevent diseases, and may even have the power to fight off disease. On a more superficial level, it tastes far better! Make the healthy choice, and give grass fed beef a try today.


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