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The Growing Popularity of Using Herbs for Cooking

With the explosion of cooking shows in the media, more and more people are now aware of the different cooking techniques used by many countries. For instance, they have learned that when it comes to Italian cooking, the use of herbs and spices has made their cuisine more palatable and delicious-looking.


Herbs have been used for cooking since the ancient times, but with the help of technology, a great number of herbs had become popular as well. Aside from learning about how they look like, you also need to understand their flavors so you can turn an ordinary dish to something special.

The most common herbs that are used for cooking include basil for its spicy aniseed aroma, the fennel leaves and seeds for meat recipes, curry and sausages; and mint for seasoning poultry, fish and lamb recipes, and so much more. Besides these common variants, there are also others that are unique in certain localities as well.

The best thing about these herb foods is the fact that they can be had in fresh and dried varieties or as supplements.


Healthy Cook Recipes