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10 Surprising Benefits of Drinking More Water

It’s not really a surprise that water has so many health benefits. It’s pretty much the healthiest thing on the planet for you, not to mention the most important building block in the existence of all life. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some things you may or may not have known about this wonderful liquid substance.

1. Water gives you better joints
Drinking water can give your joints softer cartilage, preventing pains and aches that can emerge by putting pressure on them. Many important fluids in your body that protect your joints are mostly water, so keeping hydrated ensures that everything will work to its fullest potential, giving you a shield against painful joint conditions such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Water helps you lose weight
Your body feels more sustained when you drink more water, giving you less of an appetite. This means you’ll be taking on less calories throughout the day, but still have the energy and strength you need because of all the extra water you’re taking in. Cells also break down fat faster when they are hydrated, thus increasing your metabolism.

3. Water makes you stronger
Did you know that the muscles in your body are 79% water? When you are dehydrated, those muscles begin to shut down and become less efficient. Drinking more water will support your muscles and sustain them through stress. Being hydrated while working out will build more muscle, and allow your current muscles to reach their true capacity.

4. Water can help cure headaches
Our brains are composed of about 73% water. This water is used by cells in the brain to create hormones and make more connections with the rest of your body. When you are dehydrated, these cells begin to communicate distress to the rest of your body because they have begun to stop working. This causes headaches and migraines telling you to drink up and get your brain back to full working order!

5. Water helps your immune system
Water is responsible for diluting waste in the bloodstream, and is a necessary component for creating more blood cells. Being dehydrated can mean that your body slows down on its production of white blood cells, leaving your body unprepared for hostile viruses. Keeping hydrated also keeps moist parts of your body, like your eyes and mouth, clean and safe, thus preventing infection.

6. Water helps prevent acne and dry skin
Our skin is made up of about 63% water, meaning that dehydration will cause our skin to become dry and fragile. In an attempt to offset this, the cells in our skin will take in foreign agents like grease or various oils to lubricate the skin, thus creating acne and other skin conditions. Drinking water can keep your skin looking fresh and feeling young.

7. Water helps you breathe
In order for our lungs to function properly and create oxygen for our body, it must take in humid air. However, the air outside may not always be humid and ideal. Luckily, our bodies have the function to moisturize the air we breath in before it is absorbed into the lungs. Being dehydrated can disrupt this process, though, making our lungs more susceptible to dust and infection, and making it harder to breathe.

8. Water increases short term memory
Remember how your brain is 73% water? Well, the cells that create neurotransmitters in your brain use that water to create more and more paths between those transmitters as you take in more information. This process affects concentration and memory, especially in the short term. Drinking more water will help you stay sharp!

9. Water prevents constipation
Constipation is a process that usually occurs when there is dehydration in the colon. Drinking a healthy amount of water will keep that colon (and all other vital organs) hydrated and operational. Drinking more water also helps you flush waste and filth from your body in a more effective way, preventing a buildup of it in your body.

10. Water increases your circulation
The plasma (blood) in your body is made up of about 93% water. Dehydration will cause the blood dream to slow down, thus failing to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body. Drinking more water, likewise, will increase the circulation of the blood stream, ensuring that each part of your body is getting the oxygen it needs to function properly.
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